Sunday, April 29, 2012


Were do i start........Emery has finally recovered from her heart surgery and my little heart warrior is back to her old self. After being in the hospital for 4 days she was doing so well they discharged us and we were able to go home with her. The first three weeks were hard. She was in pain, super fussy, and crying pretty much all the time. It was ruff for her and us but we got through it. She is seriously one tuff cookie. Recently she has had a ultrasound done and her cardiologist said he heart is functioning just like it should be. 
I have been neglecting my blog. So sorry. I am mostly busy keeping her facebook updated. Emery has the best facebook family EVER! We love all of them to pieces. I am so busy with making blankets for kids that are sick and who are in the hospital. Here are a few of blankets i have made

I have a few i am working on at the moment. So this is why writing is the last thing on my mind. I will try and get better at it. 

Recently i have stopped to visit my grandmas grave. My oldest was at her grandmas house so i was able to stop by for a visit with Emery. She passed away when i was really young but her passing was hard on me. I miss her so much. I only hope that i she is looking down on me feeling proud of me. I broke down crying to her and had a good talk with her. I know she could hear me when i spoke to her. I know she is guiding me through all of this right next to god. <3