Monday, January 23, 2012


We have a meeting with her surgeon on feb. 9th
*He will be going through what he will be doing on surgery day. Either going in the heart or just operating outside of the heart. We will also be sighing consent forms. She will have an ECHO done, as well as an X-RAY

Pre Op. will be on feb.21
* check-in at children hospital in LA. They will be doing a physical on her. Taking blood from her and testing it.

OPERATION DAY FEB.22 Is Emery's surgery day.
* She will be having the GLENN procedure done. It will be a 6 hour surgery. After one hour of being out and once she is stable we will be able to see her and hang out with her.

How am i feeling about all this?
Well i am a wreck. of course. I'm super nervious,...scared, excited.
Ya im excited can you believe it!lol I'm excited because we will be able to have a break away from hospitals. and no more surgery's until she is 3. it will just be nice not having to worry when the next one will be.

*Well like i said i wont be keeping daily and hourly updates on here i will be on her FB at can click on the link below.

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