Thursday, February 9, 2012


A year ago i had no idea what CHD was about. I had no idea that baby's ALL over the world are suffering and losing there life to this disease. I thought only old people had heart problems, but i didn't know a baby could be born with many heart defects. I DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING.
I am so proud of myself. PROUD of what my daughter has taught me. A year ago if you asked me what kind of heart defect my daughter had i wasn't able to tell you. NOW i am able to explain to you perfectly what's wrong with her. Before all this... I hated the medical field, never understood why and how they are able to do what they do. Now i have a whole new prospective on it. I appreciate everyone in the medical field and look at them in a whole new way. Instead of ewwwing the stuff they do i am in complete amazement. So glad we have people to save Emery's life thanks to the knowledge they have. I am so glad we have surgeons,doctors, and nurses that gave up 8 - 20 years of their life to learn how to save life's. ALTHOUGH we have no cure for CHD i am thankful for the knowledge these people have. Thankful that these medical teams decided to specialist in helping kids with CHD. And for them trying to find a cure for it.

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