Thursday, May 3, 2012


I don't know this family, or what happened to there little girl. But ever since i was little i have always felt like me and this family are connected in some way.
My grandma's spot is just across the way from this sweet baby girls place. How i stumbled across this head stone was at my grandmas burial......
I remember that day my mom and i decided to take a look at other head stones just before we left to head home. This was one of the stones we stopped to look at. At the time i think i was around 8 years old. I remember my mom saying " this one was just a baby"..... i couldn't understand how come a baby had died! I didn't understand how god allowed things like that to happen.
Ever since i came across this little girl......i can't help but still think about her. I hold her close to my hear..... because i know what it is like to almost lose a child. Every time i visit my grandmas place, i cross the way to visit this baby girl.
I wonder what happened to Melyssa......I wonder....
How her family is holding up since her passing. 
what kind of journey did her family live while she was here with them on earth. 
was she born with a heart defect? is that why i cant help but feel so close to her even though i don't know this baby or her family. 
Even though my daughter is living......she is still sick. She is living with a life threatening disease and i dont know what the future holds for her. 
I can't help but feel maybe god wants me to meet this family. Her B-day is coming up. I will be decorating her grave for her b-day. I am going to write her parents a little note with the flowers i will giving her. I hope Melyssa is watching over my daughter. I think this whole time god is just letting me know who my family's guardian Angel is.  :)


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  1. Wow, that got me all kinds of emotional. I know how you feel, never feeling secure in the future is tough, which is exactly why I am in therapy :)