Sunday, October 16, 2011


Little Emery is going to be 3 months on the 26th of October. She baby talks like crazy!...smiles all the time and drinks 4 to 6oz of milk every 3 hours. WOW! so amazed at how good she is doing. Sometimes i have to give myself a little reality check cause she acts as if she doesn't have a heart condition at all.

Wakes up at 5am has a 4oz bottle 
Goes back to sleep.
Wakes up at 10am has a 4oz bottle
goes to sleep for an hour or two
* mommy's time to take a shower*
12pm she has her MEDS. with a 4oz bottle
at 1pm she has TUMMY TIME
is awake till 3pm them she takes a 3 hour nap with her sister Layla
* mommy's time to get things done around the house or take a nap too*
5pm dinner time 6oz bottle
stays awake till bedtime 
bedtime for Emery and her sister Layla is 10pm 
sometimes before dinner time we go for a walk. 
*if its not too hot*

Emery you are such a good baby. Last week you discovered you have hands. Everyday since Monday you have been munching on them. It is sooooo sooo freakin cute. You get so into eating your hands that sometimes you make yourself choke. You drool a lot. Everyone keeps telling me maybe you could be teething but i think you are just too little to be going through that stage already. When i put you on my shoulder you are now holding your head up and trying to lift yourself up, you probably could keep yourself up for maybe 10 min., which i think is GREAT! here is a lil picture of you trying to eat Ur hand while sleeping lol

                  mommy just loves taking pictures of you!

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