Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Emery just went into the cath. lab about 20 min ago. It was so hard to watch her get sedated. As she was fighting back i could just feel my body inside fight too. ugh! i really just wanted to pick her up and run out. All this is so new to me. I hate not knowing what to ever expect. I always think this is the stuff you only see on TV. The way the room was set up and the way the doctors were talking to each other was so scary and nerve wrecking.
I am so sorry Emery that you have to go through this. Your whole team of doctors and nurses kept saying you are such a cute and happy baby. I am so proud to be you mommy. you are so strong and only 4 months old. i love you with all my heart. and though im not there with you in person. im always in your heart. you are my daughter...mommys never leave there children. muah!

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