Friday, November 18, 2011


On Thursday i took Emery to the ER at 12:30am because she was breathing a bit fast and she was very sweaty. Emery was getting checked in, the nurse was having a bit trouble getting her stats so  asked the other nurse if he could get a better reading then her. So as he was trying he started to ask me questions like
what kind of heart defect she has?
how old is she?
where was she born?
did she already have her next surgery?
I answered all of  them. Then he goes on to tell me a story about his daughter, how she pretty much had the same heart defect like Emery, and had her second heart surgery at 6 months. Then he stops and tells me she unfortunately passed away........I WAS SHOCKED. Now it wouldn't have bothered me if he didn't say it so rude and so bitter toward me. Almost as if he was upset at me that i still had my baby and he didnt. In my head i just asked myself WHY! IN the world would he tell me this story? You would think he knows how i feel with the next surgery creeping up and given the fact that i was in the ER worried about my Emery. Why would he say this to me? He told me after I'm sure he seen the look on my face he said "oh but now a days they have so much equipment and stuff to help them live"........
I know i shouldn't care what he or thinks but i just cant believe how some people can be so cold. Especially when your in the medical field!

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