Friday, November 11, 2011


Little miss Emery started to do two new things this week. 
* she is holding her head up all on her own and can balance her self in a sit up position much better.
* she started to giggle and laugh today (which is the cutest thing)
She is only 3 months and two weeks old.
She is SUCH a talker. She LOVES eating her hands. 
I know i should try and stop that habit of hers but im thinking im just going to let her keep the habbit because when she's in the hospital for her next surgery they only let us use the hospital pacifiers and she doesn't like them so if she decides not to take the pacifier she is given then she can just use her hands. 

Emery has a big week starting Monday she will be given a special shot for the next 5 months to help her during the winter season. Fri the 18th she will have an ECHO done. Monday the 21st she will go in to see her cardiologist and then we will discuss the results on her ECHO and probably talk more about her up coming heart surgery. I so wish my little girl didn't have to go through all this but through all of this it amazes me how strong she is and she is such a happy girl. 


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