Saturday, November 12, 2011

she has decided

So Layla my oldest daughter is turning 2 years old on November 20th. Last weekend i took her to pick out her B-day invitations. I gave her a choice of
Mini Mouse
Little Mermaid
Her choice was between Little Mermaid and Mini Mouse. But she decided to go with The Little Mermaid theme. So her b-day party is on sat. the 19th .....Last year it was raining like crazy, i am hoping this time it wont be. I have been googleing a lot of party ideas. I haven't bought any of the decorations yet. I know i am going to put a party together at the last minute. ugh! why do i do this to myself lol but Lets hope for no rain and an awsome b-day for the big 2 year old Layla!

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