Tuesday, September 20, 2011

baby blues!

so sometimes i cant help but feel a little sad. Its like i get a rush of sadness come over me. idk why! ......i know i should be happy and feeling blessed that everything turned out good with lil Emery, but sometimes i just look at her while she is sleeping or when she looks at me smiling i find myself counting the months and days till her next surgery. i feel like we are on this time limit with her. i just want to know she is home for good and no more hospitals! Im really dreading her next surgery! i dont want to see her tubed and wired from head to toe....no one should have to see there baby struggling.

Sometimes i guess i just have to tell myself i will get through this. She is a lil tuff girl and can get through anything. I wish i was strong like her! i love you emery!

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