Sunday, September 11, 2011

wiggle worm

so last night we stood the night at my mothers house. Emery was sleeping in her crib, me and my daughter Layla had slept on the bed that is next to the crib(boy let me tell you that girl Layla is such a wild sleeper), and my husband well we scooted him off the bed to my mothers couch. my sister came home from a night out and came home around 2am and woke us up saying Emery was on her stomach my heart just POUNDED. we never put are kids to sleep on there stomachs or sides. for naps or when they go to bed they are always on there husband had just checked on her(i know this cause i woke up too and i seen him near her crib) so when my sister told us this we were like WHAT!...feeling so confused. i think we were both just half awake but my husband jumped up off the couch and walked up to are baby girl my heart dropped i felt like it was going to pop right out of my chest. i seriously thought she might not be breathing and thought what would i do! know i have been reading these blogs about family's who have sick kids or who are grieving a child from kids who have drowned,  died from SIDS, or like i said from having health problems and its just crazy how my life could have changed just like there's in an instant she could have been gone no matter how cautious parents we are. but he picked her up and god i am so blessed, happy and relieved she was okay. we are just so thankful for my sister checking up on emery before she goes to sleep. I just think if she wouldn't of done that today would have been a different day. now i feel like im even more scared to go to sleep then ever. worried my little wiggle worm will turn over again.

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  1. Hi Jovanna its Annette, try putting a rolled up blanket on each side. It worked for DJ and now he wont roll over. It might help? DJ had the same thing happen to him. Cant wait to meet Emmery! DJ is excited :) and is talking about taking her to dinner??? hmmm.