Friday, September 30, 2011

She is such a funny lil girl!

This lil girl makes me crack up so much! she never leaves my side.Whenever she is sleeping near me she just loves to hold my hand. I cant imagine my life without her. When i try and go somewhere with out her she crys and makes me feel bad, so i always end up taking her with me. She is such a crazy lil butt! She will be 2 YEARS OLD in November....WOW! time has flown by so quick. I cant even look at her baby pictures because it make me so sad how fast she has grown. I am so excited to see what kind of person she will become....and what her dreams in life are going to be. I have always made a promise to myself that if i ever had kids i will always support them and be there for them 100%. I am already proud of the person that she has become. she is so smart and loves to share with other kiddos. she is a very loving person. always giving hugs and kisses. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
So since she will be 2 years old it's really exciting planning a b-day party for her because first off she is able to walk, second off she will be able to open her own presents, and third she is going to be so much more excited about her b-day party this time around. So this makes me so much more excited to throw one for her. I am trying to choose what party theme she would love. She loves Thomas and friends, strawberry shortcake, and  yo gabba gabba. I'm going to see if she will be able to pick which one she wants herself but will see how that turns out.

oh baby! momma is so sad you are turning TWO but so very excited. I love you always and forever! MY LOVE!

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