Monday, September 26, 2011

Need to get my routine going

Ismael*the hubby* will be going back to work on Monday Oct.3rd. He took a long family leave for the baby's arrival and her surgery. Hes been off work for about three months now. sheesh! where has the time gone?...i feel like we were just talking about how much time he was going to be taking off for the baby. He really has been such a good helper... i hate to admit it but i have been a bit lazy. Pretty much letting him do all the work hahaha BUT hey mamma needs a vacation too!. I really need to get back into my old routine again starting this week. I am kind of nervous to be taking care of two baby's. Ever since the baby has been born Layla has been wanting someone to play with her all the time. looks like ill be trying to figure out how to give Layla some time with mommy and Emery time with mommy. How hard could it be....right? well wish me luck!

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